Welcome to Angela's Kitchen website - where it's all about Greek and Spanish cooking classes. Cooking classes are a wonderful way to explore, inspire and be inspired, learn and just have fun with food. As a teacher of adults, and a passionate cook I can think of no better way to bring these two ingredients together than through cooking classes. The classes focus on using techniques and recipes that are easy to recreate at home, are full of flavour and are even healthy!

One thing that the foods of Greece, Cyprus and Spain have in common is that they emerge from peasant traditions. The focus is often on simple techniques that make the most of seasonal produce. Healthy, simple and fresh - all aspects that we want in the food we eat. In keeping with this philosophy the produce and ingredients I use in my classes are (where possible) seasonal and organic.

Our classes for the first half of 2018 are now available. Lots of healthy Mediterranean style recipes from Spain and Greece.


Free Events

On February 11th I will be conducting a cooking demonstration as part in this year's Lonsdale St Greek Festival. This year's recipes will all use yoghurt. I'll be at the Procal Greek Kitchen stage at 4.30pm on Sunday.


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