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Lonsdale Street Greek Festival Recipes

Recipes from the Greek Festival

Thanks to everyone who came along to the cooking demonstrations at the Lonsdale St Festival this year.

Also a very big thank you to the organisers for doing such a fabulous job in making the festival happen and inviting me to take part!!

In case you missed a copy of the recipes or didn't get there, here they are:

Zucchini flowers stuffed with rice and herbs

The zucchinis in our garden are just starting and early in the morning, while the flowers are open I picked four baby zucchinis with their flowers attached. I then stuffed them with rice and baked them. To make the dish a bit larger, I also stuffed some onions and baked some butter beans. You can also stuff the male flowers (they are a bit smaller and do not have a zucchini attached).

Rhonda and the chicklettes

After much anticipation, our chickens have arrived!

Greg from Yummy Gardens has not only built their beautiful home but has brought over a hen and 8 chicks. They are silky bantams and they are adorable. The hen is on loan and we hope to keep 3 chickens from the 8 -  things will start to get quite crowded as they grow up! Stay tuned for updates about Rhonda and the chicklettes...

Paella made easy

Paella, the classic Spanish dish was the theme of a recent cooking class, where every participant got to make their very own version.

We began with the preparation of the ingerentients, a chat about what makes a paella the woderful dish that it is, and in particular the type and quality ingerdients that we need to use to get the best result.

Almond Biscuits

If you have been to one of my classes, you may have had an almond 'welcome' biscuit. These biscuits are not only easy to make, they are absolutely delicious, gluten free and healthy! What more can you possible ask from a humble biscuit.  Here is the recipe.

250g almond meal
180g caster sugar
3 egg whites
100g flaked almonds
zest of one lemon

Classes have started

Classes have started at angela's kitchen, and it has been a lot fun!

At the Classic Greek class, participants enthusiastically launched into cooking, chopping, slicing, mixing...

me wrestling an octopus, for the sake of the class..........

One of the highlights and most popular dishes is Greek style BBQ octopus and the sectret to making it tender.


Regular visitors to Angela's Kitchen will notice we've made some changes.  In particular we've added a new News section and plan to regularly update this section with upcoming events and recipes.  So check back often.

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